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Kalamazoo River Alliance

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A non-profit charitable organization focusing on fish and wildlife habitat restoration on the Kalamazoo River

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The Kalamazoo River Alliance was founded by a small group of outdoor enthusiasts in the summer of 2020. Whether our passion is fishing, biking, hiking, kayaking or hunting, we all have one common thread that bonds us together. That is our love for the Kalamazoo River.

Over the years, the Kalamazoo River and it's ecosystem have endured unimaginable damage. Logging mills and farms have reshaped the river. Paper mills have polluted the river with toxic chemicals. The 2010 Enbridge oil spill . Now the owners of Morrow Dam have unleashed sediment from it's impoundment water and decimated fish and wildlife habitat for 30 miles.


Well, enough is enough. The Kalamazoo River Alliance is here to be a voice for the Kalamazoo. Through fish and wildlife habitat restoration projects, we can make this river beautiful once more.

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Kalamazoo, MI

Tel: 248-425-1984


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